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bubble roll Abu Dhabi

Bubble Roll For Sale in Abu Dhabi

Bubble roll plays a very important role in packing fragile and glass items. We sell bubble roll in Abu Dhabi with home delivery at affordable prices. We have two types of bubble wraps which is 5 kg and 7 kg.

A bubble is a small, hollow, typically spherical body of gas contained within a liquid or solid material. In the context of bubble wrap or bubble roll, it refers to the small air-filled pockets that are evenly spaced across a plastic sheet.

Bubble rolls in Abu Dhabi are widely used for packing fragile items. The bubbles provide cushioning and protection against impact during shipping or storage. Some benefits of using bubble rolls for packing include:

  • Shock absorption
  • Protection
  • Versatility
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Cost-effective
  • Cushioning
  • Easy to unpack

You can get this item at wholesale price and with home delivery. If you are looking for a smaller piece of bubble wrap get directions to our shop.

We have different types of packing materials like carton boxes for sale. We provide one stop solution to our customers regarding cargo packing, moving and storage.

How to buy bubble roll in Abu Dhabi?

Buying packing materials are very easy now because we listed all our products online and you can choose any product by viewing their photos.

We have different qualities and sizes of bubble wraps where you can choose according to your requirement for packing.

You can contact our sales team directly from the website through Whatsapp or phone call. All you need to do just send the bubble picture from the website and delivery location. Our team will deliver to your door and you don’t need to go anywhere for buying bubble rolls in Abu Dhabi.

How much are the delivery charges for bubble roll?

As we are a wholesale supplier of carton boxes in Abu Dhabi we do home deliveries as well. Delivery charges are based on the distance and quantity of purchase. If you need accurate delivery charges based on your order please contact our team they will let you know.

Delivery charges could be between 10-50 AED based on type of delivery, distance and purchase quantity.

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